The Krozzes

Belmont Turton Entwistle Circular

I started this walk from the car park of Belmont Road SD 666191. I made my way out of  the car park to the Witton Weavers way path which I followed south along the pleasant off road track with Winter Hill in view in the distance off to my right. I made my way past Lower pasture  barn which now appeared to be an expensive country residence. Eventually Belmont Reservoir came into view to my right.

I continued on the Weavers Way past Belmont reservoir The path was still well metalled as I made my way towards Delph reservoir and it eventually met a minor road where a turned left and them soon sharp right along the Weavers way.  I passed be a small pond and continued through a wooded track above the edge of Delph reservoir.  

 The path crossed a small footbridge and then climbed up towards the A666..

On reaching the A666 I turned left and immediately left to climb up towards Turton Heights.  As I crossed the moorland Turton and Entwistle Reservoir came into view.

At the end of the moorland section I crossed a stile and then made my way diagonally to the right down to the Green Arms Road ahead  On reaching the road I made my way right and eventually took a footpath off to the left and made my way down towards the reservoir car park.  I reached the reservoir bathed in sunshine and found a pleasant picnic bench to take my lunch break with a view of the water..
Hunger sated I made my way along the southern edge of the reservoir to eventually take a path a the end off to my left which meandered through the woodland to the A666. 
 I crossed the A666 turned right and took a path  off to the left on  towards Turton moor along a pleasant stony track.

Eventually the path became less stony and became a grassy path.  I followed the fence and missed a path I had intended to take diagonall off to my right.  I continued along the fence which I eventually had to cross.

I made my way downhill and eventually rejoined the Witton Weavers way.

I followed the Weavers way and eventually crossed a stile and made my way back down a stony track which wove its way back to the path I had started my walk and made my way back to my car.

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